Attwood at Sea, Attwood in Port, Either Way, You’re in Safe Hands

Attwood is one of the best known brands as marine replacement parts for most marine crafts, from the small to the largest. If you are a repair and maintenance mechanic yourself, you might just be curious. And if you are qualified enough and allowed to do your own inspection, you might just recognize some of those Attwood replacement parts fore or aft, or down below. Down below in the engine room is the most likely place you will find those famous parts installed. 

Attwood replacement parts

Perhaps this work has some romantic appeal to you. That’s if you’re already a qualified repair and maintenance engineer. What better way to see the world than to travel the seven seas by doing the work you love getting your hands dirty over. More than likely, you’re going to have to go on trade, do an apprenticeship of sorts, to learn how to handle those specialist marine parts. You’ll need to end up being a qualified marine engineer.

No ship or boat captain can leave port without him. Not so much the fact that he’s always relying on his hardworking marine engineer to keep his ship afloat but more to do with the fact that it’s the law of the sea. No sea captain worth his salt can leave port without his marine engineer. Otherwise, he could just land himself, his crew and the ship in deep, hot water, both figuratively and literally. The oceans are rough enough as it is.

So, never take the seas’ laws into your own hands. Respect it at all times and take care of your boat and crew. But then again, as a licensed pilot, you’re already doing that anyhow, with Attwood down below, or fore or aft.